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11 Jul 2017

How To Add Details To Your Model Car


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Posted By Claire C.

Model cars can be so much fun to assemble. You get the box, take out the parts, and put them all together. The only problem is that you might not care for the paint job the stock model comes with. It may also be that the decals do not necessarily appeal to your liking either. If you have wondered what options are available then you may be surprised to hear the answer. There is no end to the detailing you can do to your model car. From top to bottom there is nothing you are not able to change if you so desire. While you may have to invest a little more into additional parts and accessories for it you can nearly redesign the whole model.

When you decide to paint your model you open a whole world of options. If you are looking to paint it a solid color you should consider whether or not you need primer. Primer will help the paint to stick properly to the model. If it does require primer there are options that are opened up as well.. By using white or silver primer you can create a very light end color. By using black or gold you will end up with a darker, deeper color. You may also use varying shades of gray primer depending on what depth of color you want to achieve with your top coat. If you are wanting to add a bit of extra detail to the outside of the vehicle you can take a very fine grit sand paper and very lightly rough the outside of the car body up before you paint it. This will give it a textured look all over.

Another detail you can add to your model car is a cloth top. Before you paint the top of the car take a piece of gauze and unfold it all the way. Cut a piece of the out to fit the top of the car that you want to cover. Dab a bit of glue to that section of the roof and press the gauze into place. Make sure to trim off the extra bits that you don't want to keep. Once the glue dries you will be able to lightly paint that portion of the roof any color you wish and the texture of the gauze will show through making it look like a cloth top.

If you want fuzzy seat covers just take the seats before you install them and try this little trick. Gather up some cotton balls, glue, and whatever spray-in hair color that you want to use. Apply some adhesive to the seats and give it time to get tacky but not dry. Take the cotton balls and press all over the seat. Each time you pull them loose some of the cotton will be left behind. If the bit that is left is longer than you desire just trim it back a bit to where you want it. You can then lightly spray the cotton on the seats with the hair color. Make sure you do this very lightly and use a couple coats that way you don't add too much and end up making the seats look matted. By adding little details such as these you will soon have a model car that you can call your own.


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